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Simple Search
Type one or more words and click the Search button.


Primo assumes that you are searching for all entered words unless OR or NOT are specified between the words and phrases.

Advanced Search
Use "contains" to find all words typed in the search box: Bloch Building. Within this box, use OR between words to find either word: Wedgwood OR Staffordshire. Use NOT to exclude a word: sculpture NOT modern.


Use "is (exact)" to search for an exact phrase anywhere within the search field: Thomas Hart Benton.


Use "starts with" to search for the beginning words of a title: History of photography. Note that the EBSCOhost scope will treat this the same as a "contains" search.

Browse Search
Use this option to search the library catalog (physical collections and electronic publications) alphabetically by subject, author, or title. Call numbers can be browsed in alphanumeric order.


Select the list to browse, type one or more words, and click the Browse button.

What is Library OneSearch?
What information is included in each type of search?
How do I refine my results?
What is Library OneSearch?
  Library OneSearch uses the Primo discovery layer to provide relevance-ranked results from the Spencer Art Reference Library print and online collections in a single search.
  Library OneSearch includes everything found in the library's catalog - such as books, journal articles, auction catalogs, and e-journals - plus the content available through the library's databases. The Library OneSearch Tutorial explains simple and advanced searches as well as limiting and faceting options available.
What information is included in each type of search?
  The Books & More tab searches the contents of the library catalog and digital collections.
  The Digital Collections tab searches materials digitized from Spencer Art Reference Library collections.
  The Multidisciplinary Articles tab includes full text and citations from a large database of electronically available articles.
  The Spencer Collection Articles tab includes the library's subscription databases (JSTOR, Art Abstracts, etc.) and other resources. Access to the subscription databases is only available on library computers or museum staff workstations.
How do I refine my results?
  Search results can be refined by clicking on the facets under Refine My Results on the left-hand side of the results page.
  There are options to limit the results to Subject, Author, Location, Publication Date, Language, and more. This column also includes Suggested New Searches; use these to refine your search.
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